By seafarers for seafarers.

Estumar is a valuable resource for seafarers and maritime professionals. It offers a comprehensive learning experience, combining video lessons, text information, and the insights of experienced seafarers, catering to both beginners and seasoned sailors. The platform shares knowledge from qualified and experienced seafarers, offering firsthand wisdom beyond what you'd find in textbooks.

Video lessons are an effective way to show practical skills in action, making learning more engaging. Alongside videos, there's also useful text information for easy reference when needed.

Estumar's content covers a wide range of seafaring topics, making it suitable for sailors at any career stage. It's available on desktop and mobile, providing flexibility for learners, especially those without access to traditional classrooms.

The platform's main focus is to improve competence, a crucial aspect for seafarers looking to excel in their profession. The team's experience in seafaring indicates their commitment to providing valuable content to the maritime community.

In summary, Estumar is a perfect tool for seafarers seeking to boost their knowledge and skills. By blending experienced instructors with accessible, modern learning methods, it has the potential to greatly benefit those in the maritime industry.